Technical Diving

Top five reasons why you should begin technical diving:

1. Explore the depths of the ocean and discover new and exciting underwater worlds!
2. Learn advanced diving techniques and become a more confident and experienced diver.
3. Push your limits and challenge yourself to reachnew depths.
4. Gain access to deeper wrecks and caves that are off-limits to recreational divers.
5. Become part of a community of like-minded divers and share your experiences.

Discover Tecrec

TecRec is created for certified divers who want to learn the advanced and non-recreational activity of technical diving. Bare in mind that only 5% of divers become technical ones. The technical diver has to be physically and mentally healthy and to know well that there is a risk in every technical dive! In this program, you will learn what the technical equipment includes and it’s usage first on land and then underwater.

You will get one dive with an instructor in open water to a maximum depth of 10 meters.

Technical diving exceeds the limits of recreational divingfor non-professional purposes.

*The price does not include the gas tanks


Tecrec 40

TecRec 40 is the first part of our Padi Tec Deep diver course which teaches you how to technical dive up to 40 meters underwater. To enter this course, you must be a fully certified Advanced Diver with the EAN and Deep Diver specializations.

You are required to present a medical certificate that you are physically capable of diving under stress.

You will practice all that you learn!

In this course you will learn the risks and responsibilities of technical diving, the configuration of the rig, gas planning, oxygen limits and decompression.

You will also add new skills on top of what you learned. We will teach you how to calculate your decompression level using special software, learn the trim technique and more. Once finished, the course will give you the ability to do technical dives up to 40m with limited decompression.

*The price does not include the gas tanks

Tecrec 45

The next step for your full Padi Tec Deep Diver course is Tec 45, which is the second part of the Tec Deep Diver course, allowing you to dive up to 45 meters. The course teaches you how to spend more time underwater and how to accommodate your body to different decompression levels.

*The price does not include the gas tanks

Тес 50

This is the last part of the Tec Deep Diver Course. In it, we are going to pay close attention to what was already learned in previous courses and add a lot of new, but important, knowledge. The diving depth in Tec 50 is the maximum one where you can use mostly oxygen. In the next level, namely Tec TMX 65, we use Trimix, a combination of oxygen, helium and nitrogen.

This course is extremely hard, hence to ensure a successful and safe course, we clear out all difficult techniques you might not have ironed out and any misunderstandings or questions you might have before going on. After completing the course, you are able to dive up to 50 meters deep, using two decompression gases.

*The price does not include the gas tanks

Тес ТМХ 65

Tec TMX is the beginning of the Padi TecRec Full TMX 90+ course. Here we are going to use what is called a Trimix gas solution. Using the right one for different depths is crucial.

Hence the majority of the time of the course will be used for the theoretical preparation. Diving here happens in three stages and you will learn how to use a multi-gas diving computer properly. You will also learn how to use an argox (a type of gas) while technical diving. We are going to go up to 65 meters deep together!

*The price does not include the gas tanks

One of the most important things that we will teach you is how to think and act like a technical diver!