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Course and Specialization Prices

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Discover Scuba Diving: 60 Euro
Bubblemaker: 50 Euro
Seal Team: 150 Euro
Open Water Diver Course: 360 Euro
Advanced Open Water Diver: 320 Euro
Rescue Diver: 320 Euro
Dive Master: 600+ Euro

Tecrec Courses
Discover Tecrec Diving: 80 Euro
Tecrec 40: 340 Euro
Tecrec 45: 380 Euro
Tecrec 50: 460 Euro
Tecrec TMX 65: 540 Euro
Tecrec FULL TMX: 850 Euro

Enriched Air Diver: 150 Euro
Night Diver: 150 Euro
Wreck Diver: 150 Euro
Deep Diver: 150 Euro
Peak Performance Buoyancy: 150 Euro

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